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after the red army in china and india national railways, but these are all administrators. the managers outnumber the doctors and nurses and that makes it almost eu78 impossible to get rid of. if you do this thing, don't imagine that you can come back an change your minds a couple of years from now. glenn: that's why i say, america, you cannot let this pass. don't let any of this structure in, because do you think, the third largest employer in the world, do you think -- now you understand why they want it so badly. that's why. this is going to change the face of america, and it will do it forever. daniel, thank you very much. daniel, thank you very much. >> thanknknknknknknknk bull market or bear, traders are always hungry for ideas. trading's all about strategy. and strategy's... all about information. heat mapping shows me where the money's moving. twenty-five hundred stocks... one quick glance. that's where the action is. look at this, pattern matcher. pattern matcher spots technical patterns automatically. it's like pattern radar. td ameritrade. built by traders, for traders. this
summer, the mild epidemic went through western europe, china, india, and the philippine islands and it struck spain and the west indees. in early march, the epidemic resembled the typical flu, affecting the sick and elderly and healthier people recovered easily. in august, when the second wave began in france, sierra lee i don't know, and the united states, the virus mutated into a deadlier form. when the pandemic ended in 1920, up to 100 million people had died worldwide, and another 400 million people had gotten sick t has been called the greatest medical holocaust in history, comparable to the black death, and that's the great influenza in a nutshell. here's why i'm talking about this. first of all, i notice in the paper they are not tracking it at the w.h.o. anymore and i thought that's weird. it is either really good or really bad. the second thing is the doctor will say should i test for swine flu and he will say no, don't worry about t the third thing, have you meardz about chickenpox parties? where you get your kids together the history of the influenza in 1918, i have c
, india e and the philippine islands. it struck greece, sweden, and switzerland, spain and west indies and even the arctic. the epidemic resembled typical flu epidemics affecting mostlyy the sick and elderly. in august, when the second wavi began in france, sierra leone and the united states it was ao deadlier form. form. when it ended in 1920, up to 100 million people died worldwide and anotherlion peo 400 million had gotten sick. it has been called the greatesc medical holocaust in history,i comparable to the black deatheh and that is the great influenza in a nut shell. good they are not even asking, the doctor will say should i bes tested for swine flu? no, don't worry about it. what, it's getting worse. have you ever heard of chickenpox parties when you get the kids together? because of the history of great influenza, i considered a chickenpox party, you known you have the swine flu, could b you cough on me? s most experts agree that peoplet are likely to need two doses of the vaccine so get fullcyru immunity. in other words, the u.s. needs 600 million doses just ain't ir chance we
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4 (some duplicates have been removed)